Trademark Similarity Search

*Recommended for preventing any possible rejections.

Filing Trademark Applications Before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office

Protection After Registration

Providing Legal Assistance Regarding Trademark Law

Once the relevant information and documents are received, the application will be filed in 24 hours to TURKPATENT as a firm policy.


For the exclusive use of trademark rights, right-holder shall start the renewal process by only paying the renewal fee. Please consult TRademarkTR team via means of contact provided above for the details.

Schedule of Fees

Application for Registration

$ 50
Official Fee
  • $250 Service Fee

Application per Class

$ 50
Official Fee
  • No additional fee requested

Opposition to Registration

$ 30
Official Fee
  • $250 Service Fee

Opposition to Decision

$ 75
Official Fee
  • $250 Service Fee

Reexamination of Registration

$ 75
Official Fee
  • $250 Service Fee

Response to Opposition

$ -
Official Fee
  • $250 Service Fee

Obtaining Registration Certificate

$ 120
Official Fee
  • $50 Service Fee

The official fees are requested by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT).

Upon a successful application, TURKPATENT notifies applicants and requests an additional completion fee of $120 for registration certificate.

Regarding applications for more than one class, WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEE AS INDICATED, whereas TURKPATENT requests $50 registration fee per class. For instance; if a client applies for a trademark registration under 3 classes, the fees charged will amount to $400 in total, which is composed of $250 service fee to be paid to us and 3×$50 to be paid to TURKPATENT for each trademark class of registration.

We have no charges regarding the service of trademark search.

All fees are calculated by adopting the current exchange rate.

Trademark application is made under 45 different classes in Turkey as per the Nice Classification for trademark.

*Please note that translation fee and taxes (20%) are INCLUDED to these charges.



Why Trademark Registration in Turkey is Beneficial?

Trademark Registration Process in Turkey

After application form is filed, your trademark examination process carried out by Turk Patent may be completed up to 4 months.

After examination, your trademark is published in the Official Trademark Bulletin.

There is a two-month opposition period after then.

After two months, your trademark shall be registered in Turkish Patent Registry provided that no opposition arises during two months. You now have all the exclusive rights to use your trademark.

You receive your official trademark registration certificate after paying the necessary fees.

Trademark Registration in Turkey


We solve all the problems of our customers in a professional manner regarding Trademark Law with the help of our experienced trademark lawyers, experts and our designers.


We provide the best and fastest service to our customers in trademark registration and all other branding processes and we work by keeping our line without compromising on quality.


We are here to provide you with legal consultation on the entire trademark process. (Particularly the necessary trademark search, legal consultation on any possible opposition, renewal of the trademarks etc.)


Our firm has been serving professionally since 2016, carrying out the legal process relating to trademark registration, possible oppositions, trademark search and renewal of the trademarks.

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